Volunteer Opportunities and Appointment Process to Boards and Committees

The Town of Fishkill believes that volunteers can make a positive difference to the community and to themselves.  Volunteering is an activity where individuals decide, freely and by choice, to help achieve the organization’s goals without expectations of financial or other rewards in kind. Volunteers benefit by gaining and simultaneously strengthening the community’s bond.  We understand that people volunteer for various reasons and we value their contribution, commitment and participation.  Their involvement compliments the work the Town undertakes, but does not replace the work of paid staff members.

All Town Boards and committees consist of volunteers who reside in the Town of Fishkill and are registered voters.  These volunteers work toward solving complex issues and setting and recommending policy that helps to shape the kind of community in which we live.   Fishkill is fortunate to have many potential volunteers whose skill and technical knowledge can be applied in Town Government.

There are various opportunities available to correspond with your expertise and/or interest.  Appointments to board and committee vacancies may occur throughout the year as positions become available and/or vacant. Boards and Committees which may have openings in the upcoming year are listed below:  

Environmental Advisory Committee                Planning Board

Zoning Board of Appeals                              Board of Assessment Review

In the event there are no current vacancies on boards/committees or you are not chosen during the selection process, there are assorted other ad hoc committees and volunteer opportunities within the various municipal departments where your time and talents would be a great service to the Town and its residents.  For further information on these and other volunteer opportunities, contact Pam Garnot 845-831-7800 ext 3318.

Appointment Process

If you would like to be a part of our Town Government, please initiate the process for appointment by completing the Volunteer Application for Appointment Form and returning it as indicated.  Please note that all candidates for appointment are interviewed, may be subject to a background check and are required to sign a Waiver/Release of Liability Form.  Town of Fishkill - Application for Appointment to Boards and Committees


  • Board of Assessment Review

    The Board of Assessment Review meets the fourth Tuesday in May of each year.  The board is comprised of five Town of Fishkill residents who are knowledgeable about the town.  The function of the Board of Assessment Review is to hear grievances from local property owners.  The BAR is a quasi-judicial board and continues to sit as a board until such time as all grievances have been heard.  To file a grievance with the BAR you MUST use the standard grievance form which is available in the Assessors’ office or on line at  The completed grievance form must be filed with the Assessors’ office by the fourth Tuesday in May.  If the grievance form is submitted after the fourth Tuesday in May, the grievance petition WILL NOT be heard by the Board of Assessment Review.

  • Emergency Preparedness Committee   Please click on the link to visit the Town's Emergency Preparedness Committee's FaceBook Page
    contact: Nancy Lecker

    It is the purpose of the Town of Fishkill's Emergency Preparedness Committee to develop a comprehensive emergency management program that will provide a system to mitigate the effects of an emergency, provide necessary assistance, and establish a recovery system in order to return the community to its normal state of affairs.  
  • Environmental Board
    contact: Robert Hoose

    The mission of the Town of Fishkill Environmental Board is to sustain and improve a town-wide, viable, environmental community. As part of this mission the Environmental Board advises the Town Board and the Planning Board of any present and future environmental issues.

  • Records Management Advisory Board
     contact: Darlene Bellis